All the photos I have collected for Ostra Studio have been collected, sorted out, enhanced and put together in well organized collections with great love. It is my tribute to these amazing photographers. Most photos can be viewed (and downloaded) for free, some collections are solely stored in download packages.

The best way to benefit and view all these downloadable and special collections is to join me via Patreon, for just 5 dollars a month you grant yourself access to all the photos.
The other option is to download separate collections, these are offered for various small prices and you pay per collection.
These payments allow me to continue working on this project, pay for hosting fees (perhaps in the future restore the hosting instead of using a free hosting service).
It is also a way to show me your respect for all what I am offering here, which is really appreciated.

Click the images below to view the offer for seperate downloads (I am working on adding more each day, at Patreon you can find some more already)

Day at the Office – 4 images

Don’t Peak (4 images)collage