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Forgotten Photography from Jacques and Charles Biederer

About me

For those who are curious about me…I am a woman,45 years old, living in the Netherlands with my husband and children. My hobbies are poetry, writing, photography, creating digital art and sharing the amazing (fetish/bdsm) artworks from various artists on my sites and social media.
This however always with the permission from the original maker, except for my vintage art sites (Vintage Fetish Photos and Vintage Fetish Art ) since that art is in the public domain.

As I mentioned building website is one of my hobby’s that turned into work eventually. The first site I started with was a poetry and proza site (in dutch), you can find some photos from me there, as well as some creative fetish art I created. There is a translation tool available which does not do justice to the texts I have written but it can get you an idea about my personal journey in bdsm.
This current site is the result of those first steps I made, I wanted to share my visions on bdsm through art and could have never imagined this would result in such a large bdsm art platform.

Sometimes I love to be involved in some creative process myself, you can discover some of my photos and creative art at my facebookpage.

I hope you enjoy my efforts here, should you wish to contact you use the contact form.